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About Us

If you are a passionate, open-minded traveller, who loves backpacking, is keen on cultural immersion, discoveries and social service, you’ve come to the right website.
Change Making Tours provides unique travel experiences that combine responsible tourism and change making actions, fully organised and implemented by NGOs working in the field.
This new format of international mobilities can be defined as a mixture of cultural awareness trips and volunteering, whose purpose is to offer a quality learning experience to tourists through social interaction with local communities and stakeholders, and to inspire an active participation and advocacy in the communities according to a different topic for each country involved.
While directly supporting community development and sustainability, Change Making Tours promotes a fresh model of responsible tourism and an alternative way of travelling that values the know-how of the partners engaged, creates a sustainable entrepreneurial concept based on non-formal education principles, and encourages particular volunteering experiences with change making goals.

In a few words, the main goal of Change Making Tours is to empower local non-profit organisations in the management of “Change Making Tourists” groups, following an educational path and providing an opportunity to develop an economically sustainable model which can positively impact local communities through responsible volunteerism.
Each Change Making Tour involves between 5 and 15 foreign participants, accompanied by members of local NGOs.
The tours last between 5 to 18 days, and are focussed on specific change-making topics.
During the Change Making Tour history, culture, nature and traditions meet the inspiration of your voluntary efforts in serving local people and promoting social change. Participants meet local NGOs, experts, public institutions and the local population to perform volunteering activities, meetings, debates and visits. Change Making Tours may thus represent the compound of the favourite passions and interests of participants, triggering social reflection and sustainable development actions.