The Three Eyes Caves are located in the Mirador del Este Park in Santo Domingo East, Dominican Republic.

It is a cavern composed of a large freshwater lake that was divided, thousands of years ago, as a result of a natural phenomenon, giving rise to four beautiful and characteristic caves, connected to each other.

The name derives from the shape of the eye that can be seen in the three interior lakes, while there is only one lake that can be seen from the outside. Discovered in 1916, it is believed that the cave was frequented by ancient aborigines from Hispaniola.

The four main lakes are:

Sulphur Waters: It’s four meters deep and there’s a whitish component at the bottom that was thought to be sulphur, hence the name of the lake, but then it was discovered to be calcium and other minerals.

The Fridge: It is 5.4 metres deep; it is the coldest of the three, as it does not receive any sunlight. Its temperature varies between 15 and 21 ºC.

Lago de las Damas: With 2.5 meters deep in the deepest area. It was formerly used as a spa for women and children.

The Zaramagullones: The curious name that the lake receives is due to some native ducks of the area. With 6.1 meters of depth, the beautiful lake is surrounded by exuberant vegetation, since it is the only cavity that is outdoors.

You can take boat trips inside the caves, you will see that they communicate with each other and you will be able to contemplate the curious drawings of the ancient Tainos on the walls.